haiti follow-up

Here's one way we can help:
Giving. Sometimes it doesn't seem like enough, doesn't it? Like we're not on the front lines, getting dirty and really touching lives. Though I still tend feel that way a little, if there's one thing I'm reminded of working at OM, it's that praying and giving are HUGE. I couldn't do what I'm doing without the prayer and monetary support of over 100 amazing people. This week, we've been rejoicing because of a large amount of money that has been donated to OM internationally in the past few weeks—huge answers to prayer on many accounts! Ministries, churches, people require money to do their work effectively.

So giving to Haiti will help. World Relief says that every $2 provides 2 hot meals for one person. Providing a meal for someone hungry. That sounds like something Jesus would appreciate.

Other Haiti links to check out:

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